Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners- What to Consider?

Stepping into the world of cryptocurrency trading may be daunting, especially for beginners. If you are someone who wishes to



In the extensive world of finance, a new term is rapidly gaining popularity: Cryptocurrency. If you have not yet heard

Mainnet vs Testnet

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There are many technical jargons in the Crypto world. Today, we will be focusing on two common technical terms; Mainnet

What is ERC-20 and how does it work?

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There are many technical jargons in the crypto world and one such term would be ERC-20. In this article, we

What is Bitcoin Halving?

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Bitcoin Halving is a special event that occurs once generally every four years. Started by the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi

Hard vs Soft Fork

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A fork in the crypto world is seemingly much more complicated than its use in cutlery as a utensil. In

Smartdrop vs Airdrop

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Since the explosion of cryptocurrencies, we have seen many usages of airdrop from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to create brand

What are Smart Contracts?

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Imagine exchanging currency or property deeds digitally where contracts are being contained on a distributed, decentralised blockchain network. No organisation

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