New $50 Million Blockchain VC Fund Partners With HTC

An executive at electronics giant HTC is leading a new $50 million blockchain-focused venture capital fund, Proof of Capital, that includes a partnership with


Why the Future of Esports Is Tied to Cryptocurrency

At the League of Legends World Championship Finals in South Korea last year, 100 million viewers tuned in to watch

Gibraltar Stock Exchange Now Allows Listing of Tokenized Securities

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) is now allowing financial firms to list blockchain-based securities on its GSX Global Market platform.

Study Predicts Bitcoin Could Become Leading Payment System Within Decade

A new report by the software firm DataLight predicted that Bitcoin could become the world’s top payment system within the next decade

Paypal’s First Blockchain Bet: Digital Identity

Paypal has made a relatively small (for a $120+ billion company) in Cambridge Blockchain, which is a company focused on

‘Russian Facebook’ VK Wants to Turn its 100 Million Users into Crypto Fans

VKontakte (also known as “VK”), which is Russia’s version of Facebook, is planning to issue its own cryptocurrency. The project

India to Use Blockchain to Improve Coffee Supply Chain

The Coffee Board of India has launched a pilot blockchain-based e-marketplace in order to integrate coffee farmers with markets. The development was announced by Indian is Officially Live!

Thank you for your continuous support and we are pleased to announce that the platform is now officially live!

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